Our Ambition, Principles and Priorities

Our new safeguarding arrangements bring organisations and agencies together to collaborate,
share and co-own the vision of how to achieve improved outcomes for vulnerable children in

The ambition, principles and priorities for the new Partnership have been considered by the
Safeguarding Partners and by representatives of the organisations who will be deemed ‘relevant
agencies’ under the new arrangements. These conversations found a widespread consensus that the new Partnership should build on the good work of the BSCB and should adopt the same
ambition and principles.

Our Ambition

“Birmingham is a family friendly city where children flourish, feel safe, listened to, learn and
grow up, able to actively contribute to society.”

Our Purpose

Our Partnership will support and enable local organisations and agencies to work together to
safeguard and promote the welfare of our city’s children by:

  • setting standards and procedures for multi-agency practice;
  • promoting working together in practice supported by behaviours of openness, respect
    and trust;
  • assuring sound practice with a positive impact on outcomes for children and young
  • ensuring a programme of learning and development which supports leadership and
    practice whilst also learning from the best and from Local Child Safeguarding Practice
  • modelling a culture of evaluation, learning and development;
  • communicating effectively with the wider safeguarding system of organisations and
    individuals, including voluntary organisations and those who experience services;
  • driving progress through Sub-Groups and work-streams which regularly account to our Executive Board.

Our Principles

The work of the BSCP will be based on four key principles:

  • Effective Partnership Working: Committed to effective collaborative partnership
    working which delivers the best possible protection of children in this young, diverse,
    creative city.
  • Focus on the Family: Supporting families to enable their children to flourish and learn inpreparation for a long, productive, happy, life.
  • Committed to Early Help: Recognising that those with economic, health and other
    disadvantages will need additional support to achieve the same outcomes as their peers.
  • Promotion of a Learning Culture: Operating as a learning system; open and ambitious to improve.

Our Priorities

The Safeguarding Partners have identified four priorities for the new Partnership. These build on
the work of the former BSCB but also take into account emerging issues for the city and for the
organisations working to safeguard its children. The four key priorities are:

Priority 1: Strong Leadership and Strong Partnership;

Priority 2: Continuous Improvement of Child Protection Practice across the system and in all

Priority 3: Developing an effective multi-agency response to Contextual Safeguarding,
recognising exploitation of young people in all its forms;

Priority 4: Evidencing the impact of the new Safeguarding Children Partnership.

The golden thread that links these priorities is ensuring that the voice and lived experience of
children and young people informs and influences the continuous improvement in partnership
working across the city.

Reviewed: 25.10.2019

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