Children's Advice & Support Service

The Children's Advice and Support Service(CASS) is the way citizens and professionals in Birmingham access support, advice, information, report a concern about a child and make contact with their allocated Social Worker. 

CASS offers early support from a range of partners and a wide range of services.

Ring 0121 303 1888 for: 

  • Information for families
  • School admissions and pupil placements
  • Discussing concerns for a child or family and receive Early Help advice on thresholds and pathways
  • Support from the Early Help Support Team
  • Support to complete an Early Help Assessment
  • Booking onto your local Early Help Panel
  • Family Support and Think Family
  • Accessing MASH to report/discuss your safeguarding concern for a child.  MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) is a multi-agency team which co-locates key safeguarding agencies including professionals from social care, police, health and education to better identify risks and improve decision making, interventions, and outcomes.

To report a concern about a child or request Intensive Family Support, please see form and guidance here

Reviewed: 29.09.16

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