Safeguarding Leaders' Assembly

The Safeguarding Leaders’ Assembly meets twice-yearly bringing together Chief Executives, Chief Officers and Strategic Safeguarding Leaders from Safeguarding Partners and all ‘relevant agencies’ to share good practice, discuss emerging safeguarding challenges and agree a collective way forward and importantly to evaluate progress on implementation of the shared priorities set out in the Business Improvement Plan.

The Key Principles of the Safeguarding Leaders’ Assembly are:

  • Effective Partnership Working: Committed to effective collaborative partnership working which delivers the best possible protection of children and young people in Birmingham.
  • Focus on the Family: Supporting families to enable their children to flourish and learn in preparation for a long, productive, happy, life.
  • Committed to Early Help: Recognising that those with economic, health and other disadvantages will need additional support to achieve the same outcomes as their peers. 
  • Promotion of a Learning Culture: Operating as a learning system; open and ambitious to improve.

Following each assembly, a bulletin is produced to capture the discussion. Please find below the bulletins from previous meetings, to read the bulletin, click on the picture below:

Date Meeting Held

Downloadable Documents

October 2020

SLA PicPresentation
Sector Expert Review of multi agency arrangements for protecting children - Phase One Report. July 2020

April 2020  SLA April 2020



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