'Help' Campaign


Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) and NSPCC have joined forces on a new campaign to help prevent child neglect.

The ‘Help’ campaign is urging people in Birmingham to seek help straight away, if they or someone they know is struggling to cope.

NSPCC statistics show that three quarters of contacts to the charity’s helpline over the last three years from people in Birmingham about neglect, were already so serious they had to be immediately referred to the police or social care. Since 2010, neglect has been the reason for over a third of child protection plans in Birmingham and the city isn’t alone in this – neglect is the most common reason for a child to be the subject of a child protection plan or on a child protection register in the UK

Neglect is far easier to stop when it is caught early and most families can be supported to turn around their problems. But longer term neglect can cause lifelong issues for children and is far harder to tackle.

Neglect is when a parent or carer doesn’t meet the basic needs of their children. This may mean that their children don’t regularly get the essential things they need to keep them happy, safe and well – food and water, cleanliness, a safe place to live, adequate clothing, medical care, play, education and love and affection.

The complex and often hidden nature of neglect – particularly emotional neglect – means that the problems often go undetected or unreported. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of neglect, to help people recognise when they, or someone they know, might need help and support.

People are being urged not to wait, but to contact the free, 24hr NSPCC helpline (0808 800 5000) for early help and advice if they, or someone they know, is struggling to cope and needs a helping hand. They can be anonymous if that’s what they’d prefer and the NSPCC can help them in supporting their own family and others.

For a copy of Tackling Neglect: A Strategy for the Prevention and Reduction of Neglect in Birmingham 2019-22 click here.

Reviewed: 08.11.2019

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