Right Help, Right Time

On the 15th December 2021, the BSCP published the refreshed Birmingham’s threshold guidance ‘Right Help, Right Time’. The updated guidance (Version 5 with a light blue cover), is now available to download to your phone, work computer and other electronic devices or if you prefer you can print off a hard copy. The new version replaces the previous version dated February 2020 (with a lilac cover). To download a copy of the guidance, click on the image below.

RHRT Front cover December 2021

What’s New’ in the Guidance:

  • The importance of Early Help and how to access early intervention is embedded throughout the document.
  • We have strengthened the guidance on Contextual Safeguarding, the impact of domestic abuse and school exclusions.
  • We have provided greater clarity on the importance of consent and information sharing.
  • We have embedded direct links within the Right Help, Right Time guidance to the ‘Family Connect’ and the new revised ‘Request for Support’ forms’ that you will need to complete. You can also type the web addresses directly into your browser to access the forms locations

Key forms you need to complete to access support:

Included within the guidance are links to the ‘Family Connect’ and the ‘Request for Support’ forms’. For those families with Universal Plus Needs and requiring Early Help or Family Support, you need to complete the ‘Family Connect’ form. For those families with Additional Needs and/or Complex and Significant Needs you need to complete the ‘Request for Support’ form. To access the forms, click on the links below.

If you have never completed a ‘Family Connect’ or ‘Request for Support’ form, or if it’s just been a while, to support you we have made available (via the links above) guidance on how to complete the forms. We have also included exemplars of what good multi-agency referrals look like.

Multi-Agency Training:

A new ‘Right Help, Right Time’ eLearning package will be available in the new year. In the meantime, to access the current ‘Right Help, Right Time’ e-learning training click here.

Reviewed: 15.12.2021

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