Early Help Advice and Support

Birmingham Children Trust (BCT) Family Support teams (FS) have now opened up their duty lines to support the Early Help (EH) offer in Birmingham.

Partners who work with children and need advice or support can contact their local team for guidance when working with families at Universal Plus and Additional Needs, as outlined in the Right Help Right Time (RHRT) document.

If you have gained consent from the family then BCT can share with you, whether family have an allocated family support or social worker and share their details with you, giving you the opportunity to liaise directly with the allocated worker, sharing information to support the wellbeing of the family.

If you have not gained consent you can still have a discussion, but will be asked not to share family details, instead the conversation will offer advice and guidance to support your next steps in dealing with family issues. You may be directed to contact local services who can best meet the family needs and give the caller practical advice on where resources can be sourced.

If you have not already completed an Early Help Assessment (EHA) then you may be advised to start this process and support you other professionals who could assist you to do this.

To do this, first you will need to identify the Family Support team by typing the child’s postal code into the Post Code Checker. This will then identify the team and duty line number for you to contact and start your conversation.

Page Reviewed: 15.04.2021

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