Procedures and Practice Standards

Welcome to Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures and Practice Standards web page. Birmingham has adopted the NEW West Midlands Regional Safeguarding Children procedures. On this page you will find all the information necessary to support you in your day to day safeguarding practice.

These cover:

  • Statutory Child Protection Procedures – which would be the same wherever you are in England (Level A procedures)
  • Regional Safeguarding Guidance – which apply across the whole of the West Midlands area (Level B procedures)
  • Local Area Specific Safeguarding Information and Procedures – developed in Birmingham and containing local contacts, processes and structures (Level C procedures)

Inter-agency Guidance/Protocol – This section contains local guidance, tools and information that supports and complements our main policies. You can access our Guidance/Protocols below.

The West Midlands Regional Safeguarding Children Procedures – In this section you can access the multi-agency local safeguarding partnership procedures that we have signed up to with other local authority partners. This ensures that we can work in a consistent way across the region.

You can access the Regional Safeguarding Children Procedures by clicking here.

Writing Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

  • Model Safeguarding Policy for Schools and Education Settings – September 2020/21 - Click Here
  • Framework for Voluntary and Independent Child Care Organisations - Click Here
  • Model No Platforms Policy for Schools - Click Here  (updated December 2021)
    'In applying this policy there is useful information in the Birmingham City Council No Platform Policy' - Click Here

Inter-Agency Protocols

  • Birmingham Children's Collaborative Working Data Sharing Agreement - click here 
  • Early Help Definition - click here
  • West Midlands Child Protection Conference System - Principles, Protocols and Practice Standards - click here
  • Resolution and Escalation Protocol (multi-agency) - Resolution of Professional Disagreements about Safeguarding Children - click here
    - Contact List of Agencies Senior Safeguarding Leads - click here (updated April 2022)
  • Forced Marriage Protocol - click here (between Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police) 
  • FGM Mandatory Reporting Protocol - click here
    With effect from 31st October 2015, certain professional have a legal duty to report known cases of female genital mutilation to the police.  This protocol outlines the actions to be taken by professionals in Birmingham
  • Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infants & Children Under 18 (SUDC)  Click Here West Midlands Police Geographical Area 

Practice Guidance

  • Birmingham Criminal and Gang Affiliation Practice Guidance - click here.
  • Birmingham Criminal Exploitation and Gang Affiliation Screening Tool - click here

Your feedback is important to us

We welcome your feedback via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please use the subject header “Regional Safeguarding Procedures – Feedback”. 

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