BSCP Annual Report 2019/20

I am writing this piece in extraordinary circumstances. Covid-19, has changed life completely. Whilst no longer in a lockdown, I (and so many others) am working remotely. For me there is no return to Birmingham in sight. The political priorities of juggling life and livelihood is affecting us all. Inevitably, the impact on the vulnerable is most acute. In the second city, the youngest city in Europe, many of those are the children. I would like to recognise the commitment of all partners in working together to rise to the challenge of sustaining our safeguarding priorities, whilst moving with speed to improve early and local help.

This is an Annual Report and so although last year seems like another country, we must look back, evaluate progress and learn, in order to continue to build on progress. 2019/20 was a year of steady progress and consolidation in safeguarding practice. It was the first year of the new Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements (MASA).

As in previous years I have already shared my Chair’s Accountability Report with the Chief Executive of the Council, with the Executive Board Members and indeed with the wider Safeguarding Leaders Assembly.

The report is also submitted to the Chief Executive and Leader of Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

I hope you find this report useful, interesting and most of all, encouraging as to the progress being made.

Penny Thompson CBE
Independent Chair
Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership

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AR Front Cover

Reviewed: 12.10.2019

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