Concerned about a child?

If you require support from the Emergency Services you can call 999 for Police or Ambulance.  

To help you decide whether to report a concern you should consult Birmingham’s multi-agency threshold document Right Help, Right Time and speak with your agency’s safeguarding representative.

Please be aware the Early Help Support Team can offer support to lead professionals/practitioners on completing an Early Help Assessment and advise on when a multi-agency ‘Our Family Plan’ can/should be used to achieve positive outcomes for families, they can be contacted on 0121 303 1888 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you suspect or believe that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm or any form of mistreatment or abuse, you should report your concerns immediately to the Children's Advice & Support Service (CASS) click here.

How to request support for a child or family

If there is no immediate danger you will need to complete a Request for Support form as soon as possible.  This form is for professionals who have identified that children or families require either social work assessment or intensive family support.

This short and simple form uses a 'Signs of Safety and Wellbeing' approach to identify strengths, highlight concerns and suggest what may need to happen next.     

The form has been produced with partners, responding to feedback from practitioners and building on current practice, continuing to identify strengths and needs in a family.  

Request for Support Form - click here
Guidance for Partners to complete the Request for Support Form - click here
  - Education Exemplar 1 - click here
  - Education Exemplar 2 - click here
  - Health Exemplar - click here
  - Voluntary Sector Exemplar - click here

Signs and Safety and Wellbeing Practice Framework - click here
CE Screening tool - complete and attach to your referral if you suspect CE - click here
What is a Think Family Offer - click here
What is a DWP Employment Outreach Offer - click here
What is a West Midlands Fire Service Offer - click here 

Please type up your Request for Support form, save it as a word document and email it to the CASS.  Your form will be screened and you will receive an email confirming receipt.

Where to email your Request for Support Form:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

For more information on email security click here.

Extremism Guidance and Assessment Support & Screening Tool

The Extremism Guidance and Assessment Support provides some insights into channel panel information about threshold referral pathway for channel and Children's Services. The guidance also has explorative questions to assist practitioners to explore concerns when assessing vulnerability. For a copy of the Extremism Guidance - click here.  

The Extremism Screening Tool must accompany a Request for Support. The Extremism Screening Tool is to assist you with identifying concerns relating to comments or behaviour that you are worried about. These concerns may present as being influenced or being vulnerable to extremist narratives or ideology. For a copy of the Prevent Duty Extremism Screening Tool - click here.

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