Strengthening Families Model of Conferencing

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The 'Strengthening Families' model aims to foster as far as possible a spirit of collaborative working between professionals and families. The model incorporates a stage of information sharing in which all of those present (including family members) are invited to participate. Family members are asked to put forward their views, to talk about their own strengths/concerns and to contribute ideas about the best way forwards. This provides a balanced picture of the family, and an awareness of some of the positives that already exist, and can be built upon.

Information that is shared within the context of a 'Strengthening Families' conference is organised using a specific framework that also acts as a tool for risk assessment. Further information and a copy of the documentation used for this framework can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of this screen.

With the support from our Partner Agencies we will be able to audit and monitor the progress in order to ensure excellence for Birmingham Children and Families. 

A more detailed briefing about this process is available by clicking on the relevant links.

Supporting Documentation

Information for practitioners around the Strengthening Families Framework Model of Conference

Agency Report for Child Protection Conference - click here
Child Protection Information Whiteboard - click here
Child Protection Leaflet for Young People - click here

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