Safeguarding Induction Good Practice Guide Check List

Who should use it?

It is the aim of Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership (BSCP) to establish a consistent approach to the delivery of safeguarding support to children and their families within Birmingham.  BSCP recognise that this can be achieved by organisations incorporating and or adapting core content curriculum for induction training within their organisation. 

The ‘Induction Check List’ has been designed and developed by Learning and Development Sub-Group and should be adhered to by organisations as a reference guide for ‘good practice’. Its’ purpose is to ensure consistency in the content of induction training for all new starters/volunteers within any organisation involved in safeguarding.

BSCP are asking organisations to endorse, embed and cascade the Induction Check List within their organisation and to ensure that all front line staff have a basic understanding of safeguarding. 

BSCP will seek reassurance that organisations have embedded the Induction Check List within existing Induction training. 

Safeguarding Induction Good Practice Guide Check List - click here

Reviewed: 25.10.2019

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