Never, Ever Shake a Baby

A new video campaign has been launched in response to concerns surrounding shaken baby cases in Birmingham.

The campaign, delivered by the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership alongside Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group, launched on Thursday 9th June 2022, during Child Safety Week. The campaign urges parents and carers to never, ever shake a baby, regardless of how overwhelmed or stressed they might feel, and has been endorsed by the Birmingham Children’s Trust, West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and HM Prison and Probation Service.

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group have produced a set of two short films designed to raise awareness of the issue. You can watch the films on the BSolCCG ICON webpage.

Penny Thompson CBE, Independent Chair of Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership said:
“Whilst looking after a baby can be highly rewarding and enjoyable, it is not without its stressful moments – often leaving parents and careers exhausted and at their wits end. So having ensured the baby is safe where it lies, walking away briefly is the best thing to do. Babies will cry.
With research showing crying is a major trigger for shaking a baby, our campaign’s aim is to reduce the numbers of children at risk across Birmingham. It reminds parents and carers ‘all babies cry’ and urges them to ‘stay in control’ in those challenging situations. Although this is a Birmingham-based campaign, given the national importance of keeping babies safe, we hope our message will be shared across the country.”

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Posted: 09.06.2022

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